X-Games Austin 2014
Scope: The 2014 Summer X Games in Austin featured the debut of Call of Duty as a competitive event. MLG & ESPN worked together to produce a highly polished online broadcast that was viewed by over 100,000 concurrent viewers.

Roles: Senior Producer, Writer

Number of Episodes: 3 Day Broadcast
MLG X-Games Austin 2014
This 3 day event featured the best Call of Duty teams competing for the X-Games medal.
Jib shot of the caster desk above the player booths.
Player bio cards provided information on the competitors.
The scoreboard was improved with animated MLG & X Games logos. This was also the first time team logos were added into the overlay.
iJustine and I worked together to come up with compelling interview questions for the players.
Optic Gaming wins their X Games Gold Medal.
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