MLG Starcraft
Blizzard Entertainment
Scope: MLG was one of the driving forces behind Starcraft's rise in popularity as an esport. I produced several broadcasts and video series between 2010 and 2014 for the game.

Roles: Senior Producer, Director, Editor

Number of Episodes: 20 Pro Circuit Tournaments
As the Senior Broadcast Producer, I oversaw the successful execution of 25+ live shows.

My responsibilities included staffing, pre-production, on site operation, and promotion of the events.

MLG Anaheim 2014
This 3 day event featured the top Starcraft Pros competing for $40,000 in prizing.
Caster desk at MLG Anaheim 2014.
Stat card used during the broadcast.
Prize breakdown graphic from the event.
Player match up graphic. The overlay's alpha channels allowed for live camera shots of the players.
Pool Play standings graphic.
Player Profile that was created for the WCS America broadcast.
Daily recap videos of tournament matches.
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