League of Legends
Riot Games
Scope: Between 2010 & 2013 MLG worked with Riot Games to produce tournaments, video series & broadcasts to promote the League of Legends video game

Roles: Senior Producer, Director, Editor

Number of Episodes: 12 Pro Circuit Tournaments, 16 Prizefights, 6 Rising Stars Invitationals, & 1 MLG Arena
As the Senior Broadcast Producer for League of Legends, I oversaw the successful execution of 25+ live shows.

My responsibilities included staffing, pre-production, on site operation, and promotion of the events.

MLG Anaheim 2013
This 3 day event featured 12 NALCS and 3 NACS matches.
Our caster shots allowed viewers to see both the mainstage and the audience.
A customized graphics package featured 500+ unique images and animations.
We were the first esports broadcast to integrate live Twitter polling directly into our broadcast.
We supplemented the pick and ban phase with statistics on each team's most popular champions.
Graphics were updated during the course of the broadcast to display the current team standings in the LCS.
MLG events utilized fan presence to create an atmosphere the LCS studio couldn't provide at the time.
Additional League of Legends Broadcasts
In addition to Pro Circuit style events, I produced several smaller League of Legends Broadcasts.
For the MLG Arena in New York City a tri-lane camera was introduced. It allowed viewer to watch all three lanes simultaneously during the opening minutes of the game.
The Rising Stars Invitational showcased up and coming teams. The original Cloud9 roster competed in this event.
MLG Prizefights featured top teams competing in show matches for cash prizes. BIC Razors was the title sponsor for this franchise.
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