Esports Report
Scope: The eSports Report was designed to be the Sports Center of competitive gaming. This was the tentpole program for the launch of broadcast platform. Each episode would cover MLG tournaments, showcase the best plays of the week, and player profile. Each episode was broadcast live or filmed to be aired live-to-tape.

Roles: Senior Producer, Writer, Director, Casting Director, Editor, Art Director

Number of Episodes: 30+ episodes, 50+ standalone segments
The Esports Report ran from 2013 to 2014. As the showrunner I developed the concept and oversaw the execution of the concept.
Sample Episode:
This episode covers the 2014 Call of Duty World Championships.
Show logo. Blue & white theme with a high tech, sleek feel.
Each episode began with fast paced wipes that previewed what was to come.
The show hosts, Chris Puckett & Desi Sanchez. We had a sidebar that showed the stories we were going to cover & a ticker that covered news stories we didn't get to in the show.
We used game specific graphic transitions between segments.
This was our second set featuring the Manhattan skyline in the background.
Opaque plates over a motion background. This one shows results for a tournament in Europe.
Every episode would feature a guest. I would locate individuals, ask questions, & cut it down the interviews into a segment we could air during the show.
Every episode also had a player profile that would highlight the personal story of a competitive gamer.
The show also featured a Top 5 plays of the week. These segments were sponsored by brands like Pizza Hut.
The show would wrap with a listing of upcoming tournaments for the coming weekend.
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