Azubu Video
The Content Team I lead at Azubu acted as the in-house creative agency for the company. We produced dozens of videos on behalf of our Business Development, Community, Product, and Esports Management teams.
"The Next 10 Years in Esports" was created on behalf of our Business Development team. The goal was to demonstrate the growth of esports to potential partners who were considering entering the space.
"Faker & Marin: A Day Out in Seattle" documents a trip two League of Legends Pros took to Seattle. The goal was to create an engaging video about some of our most popular streamers that didn't involve gameplay. It was created at the request of our Esports Management Team and distributed publically via our social media channels.
"Azubu 2015" is a sizzle reel built for our Business Development team.
"Origin at IEM" is an interview piece filmed at IEM San Jose 2015. At the request of our Social Team we traveled to San Jose and documented Origin's victory. A large portion of this piece focuses on PowerOfEvil replacing xPeke on the active line up.
"League Legacies" was a video series that featured popular League of Legends pros answering off camera questions. We added additional entertainment value by inserting humerous imagery at opertune moments.
"Azubu Overlays" is a product explanation video done about our Overlay System on behalf of our Product Team.
"Azubu at Pax" was created to showcase our presence at PAX Prime 2015.
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