Azubu Social Media
The Content Team managed the creation and scheduling of posts across multiple Azubu Social Properties with a primary focus on Facebook. As a result the Azubu Facebook page doubled its "Likes" during a 12 month period from 62K to 146K.

(Feb 2015-2016)
Real Time Highlights
During live broadcasts highlights were clipped out and posted immediately to Social Media. The goal was to connect Azubu social media audience with Azubu's content as it was live.
Photo Albums
The content team would document Azubu's presence at esports tournaments, trade shows, and other gaming events around the world. Albums were posted in a timely manner after events in order to capitalize on our audiences' interest.
Stat Cards
Leveraging our comprehensive Stat Database we created hundreds of Stat Cards that were posted to social media. They alerted our audience to the Live Content on our platform while providing deeper insight into the game.
Social Media Articles
To create a more diverse experience on our Facebook page, we created articles that were posted in entirety on Facebook. Rather than make our audience traverse to our Blog, we provided the full value to them directly in their Newsfeed.
Team Impulse vs Team Dignitas Hype Video
August 2015
Match Promo Videos

To promote matches that were broadcast on the Content Team created a regular slate of promotional videos. These were distributed across Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.
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